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Monday, Jun 27, 2022 4 min read

Copper Fit's Travel Packing Guide 

Pam, Team Copper Fit

Copper Fit's Travel Packing Guide 
Copper Fit's Travel Packing Guide 

Having a vacation to look forward to is the best feeling. What’s NOT the best feeling - the packing you have to do to get out the door! Most people have big plans to start packing early, then put it off as long as they can. Packing for a big trip means thinking about the weather, the outfits, the right shoes, and making sure not to forget anything. We’ve got some tips for you to make packing a smooth process. Tip #1 is make a very comprehensive checklist that you can check off as you go - that’s the perfect place to start. We’ve put together 10 more tips and tricks to make packing a breeze.


10 Packing Tips:


  1. Create an oasis on the plane or in the hotel room with these two essentials: ear plugs and an eye mask. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it! Whether you are on a noisy plane or you get the hotel room next to the ice maker, these two essentials will help you fall asleep faster and sleep longer, wherever you are. Eye masks help shut down and calm the brain and body and improve the overall quality of sleep. They block out artificial light and prevent wake-ups thought the night. Earplugs are easy to pack and can be the difference between a fully rested holiday and an exhausting one!
  2. Compression socks for the win! Standing up and walking around is not very easy when you are on a long flight, and sitting for long periods of time without movement can take a toll on circulation. Compression technology can help to reduce the risk of swelling. Copper Fit Energy Compressions Socks are the world’s first graduated compression sock with an easy on, easy off feature - and now include Arch Support Technology for more comfort when you are out and about sightseeing all day. Why not keep your legs, ankles, and feet happy?  It can be as simple as putting on a pair of socks!
  3. Edit Edit Edit! Once you’ve laid out what you are bringing, edit again. The bigger the suitcase, the more you will pack. Most well-seasoned travelers make a list, lay everything out, then cut it in half!



Copper Fit Tip: Every traveler knows: roll your clothes! If you properly roll your clothes, you will have more room in your luggage and fewer wrinkles. Place shoes and folded jeans and jackets on the bottom of the luggage first. And always - toiletries on top for easy access without digging through the whole bag if you need them unexpectedly. 

  1. You only need two pairs of shoes. You heard that right! Shoes take up a lot of room and are heavy to lug around. Make just two - okay maybe three - pairs work. For summertime travel, that means a pair of sandals that you can wear to a dinner and on the beach and a pair of workout/walking shoes. Comfort is key for any trip; make sure they are worn in, no one wants to be sidelined by blisters. You also don’t want sore feet that take you out of the activities. Slip Copper Fit Arch Relief Bands on to keep your feet energized and comfortable. They are designed to provide soothing comfort and energizing support to sore and achy arches.
  2. Help your body handle travel stress. Stress, strain, and tension can build in the neck and shoulders from the anxiety of connecting to flights, sitting in uncomfortable airplane seats, and “tech neck” from looking down at devices. Pack the Copper Fit Rapid Relief Neck & Shoulder Wrap for targeted relief. Weighted natural clay beads capture temperature and provide therapeutic hot/cold acupressure relief when and where you need it so you can feel good on the road. Wear it on the plane for ultimate relief while in the air.  
  3. Don’t forget these often overlooked toiletries: lip balm, bug bite cream, and sunscreen. A few bug bites can keep you up at night with relentless itching and lip balm is crucial for dehydrating plane flights and changing environments. Sunscreen is a must-have but if you forget it, it’s much more expensive in destination locations! Consider bringing coconut oil too - it’s an excellent multi-tasker that can be used as a moisturizer, make-up remover, lip balm, sunburn relief, and even a leave-in hair conditioner. 
  4. The true packing MVP: Ziploc bags. They are the easiest way to pack your toiletries and so much more. Small bags are great for the leak-able items, large Ziplocs for on-the-go snacks that may melt, dirty clothes and souvenirs like sandy shells from the beach. You can also use them as packing cubes - put your kid's complete outfit for each day in a Ziploc gallon bag, then they can dress themselves easily while on the road.
  5. A laundry bag is essential, especially if you are visiting multiple locations. No one wants to mix dirty and clean clothes! You can get a travel laundry bag or pack a large trash bag. Maybe two in case you need to bring home some dirty hiking shoes or sandy beach items. Put a dryer sheet in the laundry bag. It will keep your dirty clothes from smelling too bad!
  6. Maximizing space is the name of the game. Some useful tips: use a glasses case to pack jewelry - it doesn’t take up much space and the hard case will keep your jewels safe. Store your socks in your shoes, and never pack full-size toiletries. Collect beauty samples and bring them along and transfer shampoos to small containers from the drug store.
  7. You can’t do anything about missing luggage - but you can be prepared in case it happens to you! Pack some sweats and undergarments in a Ziploc and throw this emergency outfit into your partner’s bag  - or your carry on if you have room. At least you have a fresh outfit to wear while you wait for your luggage to arrive!


Most of all, pack your smile, good attitude and lots of patience wherever you go. Don’t over plan too much - let yourself enjoy where the day takes you. Bon Voyage!   


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Copper Fit's Travel Packing Guide 
Copper Fit's Travel Packing Guide 

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