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How to Make Dad Feel Extra Special this Father's Day

Pam, Team Copper Fit

How to Make Dad Feel Extra Special this Father's Day
How to Make Dad Feel Extra Special this Father's Day

Dad does so much for you, so it’s time to pamper him this Father’s Day. Whether your dad is an Adventure Dad, Kick-back Dad, Sporty Dad, or a mix of all three - we’ve got some great ideas to make this Father’s Day all about celebrating him! Start by thinking about how he would like to spend his dream day, and go from there. We’ve got some ideas to help you out.


Don’t worry too much about planning the perfect day, though - remember, dad wants to spend time with the ones he loves, and a special card sharing your favorite memories is on the top of any parent’s list.


By the way, June 13-20 is Men’s Health Week! It's a great time to make sure dad is on the right track all year round by eating healthy, exercising and checking in with his doctors.


Here are some ideas for planning a great day, whatever type of dad you have: 


The Adventure Dad

This dad likes to be on the go, trying new things and keeping life exciting! Surprise him this year and think of something out of the box:

  • Is Indy Car Racing or F1 on his mind? Maybe he has the “need for speed.”  Take him to the action and look up a local go-cart track so the whole family can get in on the fun. If you want to get more adventurous, check out ATV excursions - even if it’s a bit of a drive, a quick google search and you can find one in most areas. If you are going BIG: gift him with a race car “experience” where he can learn to drive a real race car. This one takes some planning, but it would be the ultimate adventure. Or how about this: rent a convertible for the day, put the top down, and hit the road! 
  • If Dad is into a hands-on adrenaline rush, ziplining and ropes/challenge courses are always fun. An excellent intro to this is a rock climbing wall that the whole family can enjoy. Many gyms now feature these as well.  
  • One thing you can always do, wherever you are, without making a reservation: hike!  Our favorite place to go to find something new and different is Prepare a bag with snacks, sunscreen, water, and bug spray, and get the whole family to join. Make sure dad has his Copper Fit Zen Step Insoles. They are the perfect Father’s Day gift because he can enjoy them everyday. The insoles combine stimulating micro-massage with full-length impact-reducing cushioning to massage and soothe with every step. They provide all-day relief and comfort and relax sore soles to energize feet for hiking or whatever the day brings.  
  • What about a culinary adventure? This doesn’t have to mean taking a cooking class together. Instead, work together in the kitchen to make the perfect pizza or treat dad to a pasta maker and make homemade noodles -use them to make Gwyneth Paltrow’s Carbonara. Buon appetito!


The Kick-Back Dad

This dad goes hard all week and just wants to RELAX on Father’s Day. He probably wants NO PLANS!  Treat this dad like a king - his perfect day might entail some golf, a good meal, and some couch time.  First: gift him a Copper Fit Men’s Polo Shirt. It will take him from dressy to casual, from the golf course to the dinner table, and is comfortable in all weather with its lightweight, breathable fabric. And it’s copper-infused, which means odor-reducing.

  • Book a tee time with his buddies or mini-golf with the family. Gift him something fun for everyone - a Golf Chipping Net. It doesn’t need a ton of space, and the whole family can get in on the fun while dad works on his game. 
  • Does dad have a favorite subject  - like World War II, mysteries, or thrillers? Do a little research for a book up his alley and gift it with a hammock! Set the hammock up and make dad take the time for some R&R and reconnect with his love of reading.
  • Wine and dine dad at home. Make sure to have dad’s favorite food ready for dinner: a great piece of steak, Thai food, sushi. Road tripping to the best burger around is fun too! 

Copper Fit Tip: Sometimes, the best gift is no plans. Give dad a day without expectations and see where the day takes him. Have some fun plan ideas, but let him nap, go on a bike ride, and have the freedom to decide as the day goes. 



The Sporty Dad

This dad is all about sports.

  • The best place to start: a ticket surprise. Baseball tickets are popular on Father’s Day - take him out to the ballgame. Minor League Baseball is an excellent option if you’re not too close to a Big League team. Maybe it’s a fun time to try a new sport? Horse Racing Summer officially kicks off on Sunday, June 20, but you can always gift dad a “horse race day” in the future. Even if it’s not your main thing, it’s a fun way to spend time together. 
  • Play like kids: organize a park day and get a group of families together and pack a picnic. There are so many options - a softball game (or slosh ball), volleyball, spike ball. The possibilities are endless. Present the game day plans with a pair of Copper Fit Cushioned Everyday Energy Quarter Socks for the game - the Arch Support Technology creates targeted compression around your arch to help ease discomfort and fatigue! They are perfect for any sport, they keep your feet happy! And just like the polo shirt, they are copper-infused for odor reduction. 
  • How about you hit the gym? A membership is a perfect surprise, especially since it’s Men’s Health Week. It’s important to highlight that regular workouts strengthen the heart and improve circulation. This helps lower the risk of heart diseases and lower blood pressure. Being dad's workout buddy is an excellent gift for your relationship too!


There are many ways to celebrate dad, but quality time together and letting him know what he means to you is the gift on top of every dad’s list. Enjoy!

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